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add_filter('woocommerce_get_price_html', 'tyches_hide_prices_on_all_categories', 10, 2); Hide prices on Shop page - The method to hide the price from the shop page is same as above. If we want to hide the price only on the shop page,we can use the function is_shop () to check if the current page is a shop page or not You can use this simple hooked function that will remove all product prices from Woocommerce archive pages as shop, product category archives and product tag archives pages: add_filter ( 'woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title', 'remove_woocommerce_loop_price', 2 ); function remove_woocommerce_loop_price () { remove_action (. Code snippet to hide strike out price on product and shop page When you apply discount to product (s), WooCommerce, by default, shows the sale price with regular price stricken out. This characteristic can be seen in shop page, product page, cart page as well as checkout page The most correct and clean way of removing product prices on the shop page, product archive pages, related products, upsells, cross-sells and single product pages

Hello, In this simple tutorial I will show you; how to hide your WooCommerce product price even if it's not set to zero. Thank you, And for Hide Sale Price on product and shop? Reply. kirillrocks says: December 10, 2019 at 21:14 I will show you how to- Remove Add to Cart WooCommerce button- Hide Price on WooCommerce Product Page- Hide Prices on the Shop & Category Pages WooCommerce-.

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People shop online because it's easier and faster (or at least it should be).So how you arrange your products on the WooCommerce shop page and how you display them to your customers can make a big difference.Not only to your conversions and revenue but also to the reputation of your shop Once you install and activate the plugin, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Wholesale. Simply tick the 'Hide price until ' box and save the page. As if by magic, your WooCommerce prices will be hidden from logged out customers. Now, the price will be hidden to non-logged in users everywhere on your site Note: wc_price () is a handy function for formatting numbers within the shop pricing display settings. All the codes put in functions.php which is located in the theme folder. In this case, the pricing display on the product/shop page will only be changed if a unit price is set. If not, the price will remain the same Hide Categories Or Products On Shop Page is woocommerce extension.Hide products and category from shop page woocommerce.This extension is free and it's used with woocommerce To hide the prices on Shop and Category pages, go to WooCommerce > Product Catalog in WordPress Customizer panel and disable the Price. This will hide the prices from Shop and Category pages

Join 14,000+ WooCommerce Weekly subscribers You may want to force users to in order to see prices and add products to cart. That means you must hide add to cart buttons and prices on the Shop and Single Product pages when a user is logged out This code snippet hides all the prices on the product / archive pages, but not on the cart/checkout pages (or the cart widget). The following code also removes the cart item price / subtotal and the same for the checkout

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  1. Hide prices functionality. You can hide prices for all guest users with a simple setting, or alternatively choose specific products, categories, countries, and user roles in complex dynamic rules. Users see a customizable text (defaults to Login to View Prices) or a link to the page instead of prices. Hide shop and products. The.
  2. WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart extension allows you to hide prices and add to cart buttons of specific products and categories. Choose to hide them for non-logged-in, registered customers, or by user roles. Replace prices with custom text and cart buttons with contact forms or custom buttons that link to the page of your choice
  3. WooCommerce Hide Cart Page. The WooCommerce Cart is an essential page where users can pile up what they want to buy from the website and then simply checkout by paying online. It acts as the normal shopping cart in a store. People can keep adding whatever they want to buy in the shopping cart, and later, check out at the counter
  4. > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin the file you have downloaded.; Install Now and Activate. More information at Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions

Following screenshot shows how the starting variation price can be removed by applying the above code snippet. Variation Price without Starting variation price. Therefore, in this way, you can hide Price range for WooCommerce Variable Products. You can also watch a quick video tutorial to understand this process In Woocommerce I am trying to hide the product on the archive page and single product page based on category however the condition does not appear to work and just hide all the price whether I set the category or not. add_filter ( 'woocommerce_variable_sale_price_html', 'woocommerce_remove_prices', 10, 2 ); add_filter (. If you want to hide specific products from the shop page in WooCommerce you can achieve this using an action hook that targets the query of the shop page 'woocommerce_product_query'. The callback function should use the $tax_query to narrow down to the terms associated with the product you want to hide Removing WooCommerce Sale Badge. You can remove the WooCommerce sale badge in two simple ways: Code Snippet; CSS; The above-listed methods may be overridden by some themes. Hence, you can test and use the desired method yourself. 1. Using Code Snippet. Below is a screenshot showing the sale badges for products on the shop page, by default

How to Hide WooCommerce Product Prices Until Login. To get started, make sure to install and activate the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin on your WooCommerce store. Then, you can hide prices by literally checking a single box. We'll start by showing you how this basic feature works Hide price range only on single product pages. If you still like to show the price range on archives and category pages, you can change the code below main price to: // Main Price. $prices = array ( $product->get_variation_price ( 'min', true ), $product->get_variation_price ( 'max', true ) )

I try to hide the prices in my shop. I found a solution at the internet that says I only have to copy this code to the functions.php of the theme: /** * This code should be added to functions.php of your theme **/ add_filter('woocommerce_empty_price_html', 'custom_call_for_price'); function custom_call_for_price() {return 'Preis auf. I will now discuss how to hide, remove, or disable the Add to Cart button on WooCommerce shop pages. There are many reasons why WooCommerce store owner can temporarily or permanently disable add cart button on their website, for instance, a product is out of stock Hiding WooCommerce categories from the main shop page means that your regular customers won't be able to access the products you want to sell to, say, members, staff, or wholesale customers only. In this article, we'll walk you through a quick, step-by-step tutorial to help you hide a WooCommerce category from the shop page Pair Your WP Front-End with a Powerful, All-In-One Platform. Sell Smarter, Scale Higher. BigCommerce Gives You The Power To Grow Your Online Business From Day 1

This characteristic can be seen in shop page, product page, cart page as well as checkout page. With the code snippet given below, you can choose to hide striked out price on product, shop and category page, with the help of our Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin for WooCommerce. Code snippet to hide strike out price on product and shop page

About WooCommerce Hide Price Wordpress Plugin WooCommerce Hide Price Wordpress Plugin For Guest allows the store owner to hide produc Browse other questions tagged wordpress woocommerce product price shop or ask your own question. Show total price for grouped product on shop page in Woocommerce. 1. Hide all on sale products on Woocommerce shop page. 5 It will work like magic on your WooCommerce Store. The above code has to be placed in the functions.php file in the theme folder. Once you add the code and save the file, refresh your eStore web page to see the differences. The Add to Cart button is completely removed and disabled from the page Hiding, Disabling, and Removing related products might be necessary in some cases and fortunately, there are quite a few ways that can help you achieve those goals. We hope that you find our in-depth tutorial on how to hide/ disable/ remove related products in WooCommerce useful حذف قیمت ها فقط از صفحه فروشگاه ووکامرس یا از تمام صفحات بسیار مهم است. برای مخفی کردن قیمت در صفحات فروشگاه و دسته بندی فقط لازم است.

Offer your customers an opportunity to pay the WooCommerce Custom Price eCommerce Plugin for products they want, admin can also set th Showing product categories on product pages and shop pages brings various benefits. However, there may be times when you don't want visitors to access your categories. It can be a private category whose products should be invisible from the public store. Hide WooCommerce Categories from Single Product Pages

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This is because you haven't set up your WooCommerce shop page the right way. Yet. You still need to make the shop page your home page, adjust some general settings, and customize your shop page's looks. And this no-nonsense beginner's guide will help you do exactly that. Your customers are waiting. So let's get started ⚡ Go check out LearnWoo - https://learnwoo.com/⚡ Go subscribe to our channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmH3_XqDsKPnXkl2nZ_UtSw?sub_confirmation=1---.. My client has a woocommerce store with 30-40 products. For whatever reason they do not want to sell online anymore, but they want to retain the product pages, information, etc. on their website. Is there a way, using hooks or otherwise, to hide things like prices, add to cart button, etc. in woocommerce? Or should I just edit the php template. Hide prices on the shop & category page in WooCommerce and remove add to cart but replace with a view product button - functions.ph

How To Remove Add To Cart and Hide Prices In WooCommerce. By default, WooCommerce doesn't enable you to hide product prices or to remove the Add to Cart button. However, there's little that you can't do in WordPress with the right plugins. There are several plugins that enable you to hide both elements for your store WooCommerce Show Price After Login: It allows the store owner to display product price and Add to cart button after . The Product price and Add to cart button will not display until the customer not logs in Woocommerce Store. Check the plugin working at the storefront with the setup as well - Download WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin Nulled Free CodeCanyon 24391750 If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages the WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart.. Store Shop Page View. With WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart Plugin you can easily hide each product price and set custom text, Also you can add custom button and price text with icon on it with External link, Skype call, Email address and display some text on it

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On line 1 you can see the function which returns yes (hide out of stock products) no matter what option is set in WooCommerce settings; We filter this option on line 11, but we create a filter only before our specific WooCommerce template part is included, that's why it is inside an action woocommerce_before_template_part and there is also a condition on line 7 By default, In WooCommerce plugin Product price displays between the product title and product description on the single product page. In Today article, we will show you how you can move Price under the title on The Woocommerce Single Product Page. To show Price underneath title on Woocommerce Single Product Page add following code in your. Description. LIVE PREVIEW BUY FOR $21. When the Price field for the product is left empty, then WooCommerce Conditional Call for Price Plugin shows the Call for Price for development. You can either select by category by price range by taxonomy or choose all products of just empty stock product with the help or more filters

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  1. You can also choose to hide the WooCommerce product in archives (main shop page, category pages, and tag archives) by ticking the checkbox next to the 'Hide in Archives' option. Check out this in-depth tutorial on creating client-specific products in WooCommerce for more ideas
  2. There are several ways to hide the Add to Cart button in WooCommerce. You can use PHP, JS or CSS. But even with PHP the right way is not as obvious as it seems. Yes. There is more than ONE way to hide/remove the 'Add to Cart' button in WooCommerce. It is, after all, a button, so you can hide it via CSS, JS or PHP. Th
  3. Omschrijving. This WP plugin hides price and add to cart button for WooCommerce products under a specific category (or specific categories ) which you can choose.. When you add a WC product category, you'll have an NEW option to hide the prices and add to cart buttons for all products under that category

WooCommerce Catalog Mode. $ 39.00 $ 29.00. With our WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin you can simply turn your online shop into a catalog. Hide prices, remove the add to cart button, add an enquiry form or use the enquiry cart functionality. View Demo. WooCommerce Catalog Mode quantity. Add to cart How to Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page - A complete guide. This tutorial will show you how to build a custom WooCommerce Shop Page in just a few minutes, with absolutely no coding required. You'll be able to change the WooCommerce Shop Page, select the products that you show, and choose the sections contained within it

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Now edit the Shop page in Dashboard > Pages, then locate and Edit the page, scroll towards the bottom and find Choose Widget Area in Sidebar . Now simply select your Area. Note that all WooCommerce child pages, not unlike Category pages, will inherit the settings from the Shop page Free Download: WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin - It is the best WordPress theme. So click this link and get it Today Structuring Shop WooCommerce Page. We have listed down some features of the Product Catalog section which will help you to Structure the Shop WooCommerce page -. This is a premium feature available with Astra Pro Addon plugin. To use these Pro features, you need to have the Astra theme along with the Astra Pro Addon installed on your website Free Download nulled WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin Nulled Free CodeCanyon 24391750 If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages the WooCommerce Hide Price &.. Key features of NP Quote Request WooCommerce Plus. Show/Hide prices of products and display request a quote option for certain user roles. Allow Request a Quote option at the WooCommerce checkout page. Enable customers to submit the whole cart as a quote request. Option to send a payment link along with the price quotations

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  1. 23 - Order by price, date or title on shop page add_filter('woocommerce_default_catalog_orderby', 'custom_default_catalog_orderby'); function custom_default_catalog_orderby() { return 'date'; // Can also use title and price } 24 - Redirect add to cart button to checkout page
  2. Roles & Rules B2B helps you set up role-based pricing on your WooCommerce store, along with features to add bulk dynamic pricing and hide products if needed. In our Roles & Rules B2B review, we'll give you a hands-on look at how this plugin works
  3. If you select the â Show categoriesâ option under â Shop page displayâ then all the product categories will be displayed on the Shop page as shown below: How to hide WooCommerce Category from the Homepage of the Storefront Theme. Select Inventory. But it won't hide the prices from Shop and Category pages. Remove Product Tag Cloud Widget. I will say that this would be a nice feature to.
  4. Bug Description: Search icon appears misaligned on Shop page for Storefront theme. Environment: Woocommerce Version : WooCommerce 5.5.1 WordPress version: v5.8 PC: Windows 10, Mac 10.14.6 Chrome(Version 91..4472.77) Firefox(Version 89..
  5. To hide the page title above the content of your page, in addition to setting the page as your homepage, also assign the Full Width template to it. Storefront has been built to make it more straightforward in creating a professional appearance for your WooCommerce-powered store
  6. Notices before temporarily disabling WooCommerce stores. Just discussing the reason for closing WooCommerce stores for a certain amount of time is not enough. We'll also mention several things you should notice when making your shop page unavailable. #1 Reasons for putting WooCommerce shop on hold mod
  7. utes. But, Sometimes it's not very easy for an average joe to accomplish simple tasks in WooCommerce. ? Imagine? a scenario where you wish to remove all the clutter from your single product shop page such as related products

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Download WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin Nulled Free CodeCanyon 24391750 If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages the WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart Button plugin is actually what you want WooCommerce Product Default View - Allows you to set the grid/list view on the main and archive shop pages On or Off. WooCommerce Account Area Message 1 - Allows you to insert custom text that will appear in the 1st message box on the account page Remove the Shop Page Subheading. Make 'order' and 'download' section responsive under My Account page. Remove or Hide WooCommerce ON SALE Badges. Force WooCommerce Widgets to Appear in Sidebar or Off-Canvas Filter. Redirect Logout on the WooCommerce My Account Page. Change WooCommerce Short Description Text Color Whols - WooCommerce Wholesale Prices. Whols is an outstanding WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that allows store owners to set wholesale prices for the products of their online stores. This plugin enables you to show special wholesale prices to the wholesaler. Users can easily request to become a wholesale customer by filling out a simple. Displaying discount information is a way of promoting your WooCommerce store by announcing the available discounts to your visitors. In this article, we are going to discuss various methods of displaying discount information on the product and cart page such as display bulk discount table on the product page, WooCommerce show percentage discount on the product page, as simple discount.

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YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce. If you are not satisfied with our products, you will receive a 100% refund for any reason. What the plugin does Build trust offering your customers a price guarantee in case they find the same products at a cheaper price on another e-commerce. You will loyalize your customers by always granting them. PluginHive's Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods based on WooCommerce Shipping Classes and Zones plugin is a very useful tool for all those WooCommerce store owners who are very specific when it comes to displaying the shipping method on the cart page This plugin allows you to display WooCommerce product variations dropdown on the shop page, category and other listing pages. You can display variations of your entire catalog or specific products. Your customers will be able to select the desired variation and add a product to the cart from the shop page, no need to visit the product detail page Remove the Price for the Shop or any other Shop loop pages Change Add to Cart to something else that will send you to the product page itself. If you're not sure what Shop loop means, the Shop Loop is basically how WooCommerce uses templates to display products in a loop Sometimes you need to hide extra information such as product SKU and price for your WooCommerce store. Today, i would like to share how you actually can achieve above situation. Let's get started by giving you 2 examples: 1. You would like to hide product SKU 2. You would like to hide product price First, you need t

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Overview#. B2BKing's guest access restriction system enables your WooCommerce store to hide products or prices (restrict access or visibility). The plugin provides you with 4 distinct options: Hide prices to guests. Hide shop & products. Hide website and force . Replace prices with Request a Quote WordPress & WooCommerce Hide Price and Hide Add to Cart Bu t ton Plugin by Motif Creatives conceals the cost and Add to cart button for explicit items or entire categories. It controls the costs showed from client gatherings, store perspectives, and nations I need to hide the price and add to cart button for non logged user on my website, I try with some code I found on the web but it's not entirely working. Here is the code : add_action( If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages the WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart Button plugin is actually what you want

WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin . Date: May 9, 2021 Posted by: Karthick In: May 9, 2021 Posted by: Karthick In WooCommerce product categories are displayed at the bottom of a product page just under the add to cart button.. You can remove these from the layout by removing the woocommerce_template_single_meta action from the product summary, in your themes functions.php add in remove_action( 'woocommerce_single_product_summary', 'woocommerce_template_single_meta', 40 ) This can be your main shop page or the product archive page. Quick Steps on How to Style WooCommerce Store Page Using the WooCommerce Module Step 1: Make sure you have the Astra Pro Addon and WooCommerce plugin installed and activated

If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages, the WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart Button plugin is actually what you want. WooCommerce Hide Price & Home Blog woocommerce '' hide specific products from shop page . woocommerce '' hide specific products from shop page. Posted by To hide out of stock products, simply go to WooCommerce->Settings, click on Products tab then Inventory: Nearly at the bottom of that page, you'll see a checkbox says: Hide out of stock items from the catalog. Check that box and save the settings and you are done. Out of stock products are now hidden from your shop Awesome WooCommerce Hide Price, Hide Add to Cart Plugin: Gutenberg Optimized: Yes, High Resolution: Yes, Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.

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If you are looking for a tool to easily manage prices displayed on the product, category pages, and tag pages the WooCommerce Hide Price & Hide Add to Cart But.. All Categories. Business Opportunities (5) . Cars &vehicles (9

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☰ Brand JavaScript. CALENDARS; Countdowns; Database Abstraction Force WooCommerce to always show selected variation price. Stephen Sherrard June 14, 2017. A few versions ago, WooCommerce changed the price display for variable products slightly. Normally, at the top of the product page, under the title, you will see the price range (min to max) for the product. Then, when you select a variation, the price. Description. This WP plugin hides price and add to cart button for WooCommerce products under a specific category (or specific categories ) which you can choose.. When you add a WC product category, you'll have an NEW option to hide the prices and add to cart buttons for all products under that category WooCommerce products by default show ' description ' and ' reviews ' tabs below the product on a WordPress product page, you can hide these tabs from view as well as a third tab ' additional information ' with a snippet of code that goes in your themes functions.php file. //Remove WooCommerce Tabs - this code removes all 3 tabs - to. Also, you'd need to add several WooCommerce products in the Products menu tab to create a shop page. 1 Step — Enable shop widgets. Go to JetPlugins > JetWooBuilder Settings and scroll down to Shop Product Available Widgets block. Turn on the toggles of widgets you would like to use for the Shop page template. 2 Step — Create the template

I will say that this would be a nice feature to add though as the stock option disables the field altogether as j stated. To hide or remove the page title in WooCommerce you have to add custom CSS or PHP code to your theme files to remove the title from your page. Itâ s the easiest way to quickly hide a category on the WooCommerce shop page. Sometimes certain themes don't let remove related. There is no option in the WooCommerce admin interface that would allow you to hide or disable the “add to cart†button on your e-commerce site. what We would be presenting in this tutorial would allow you to remove the add to cart button quick and easy In this scenario, WooCommerce will redirect customers to the product page when they click on the button so they can select their desired variation(s) before the product is added to the cart. If you wanted to get around this, you would need separate Add to Cart buttons for each variation (which may or may not be feasible, depending on what you're selling)

The WooCommerce shop page is your site's archive for the Product custom type. We'll need to edit or create this archive. Before you get started, make sure you have the Toolset WooCommerce Blocks plugin active. Go to Toolset → Dashboard and click the Create Archive button in the Products row. Choose the layout of the archive (shop page) WooCommerce Request a Quote Shortcode. After installing and activating the plugin in your WooCommerce store, create a new page or choose an existing page and add the shortcode - [elex_quote_request_list]. For example, I have chosen the 'Basket' page of my WooCommerce store to feature the quote list and submission form YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode allows you to turn your online shop into a catalogue, by removing Add to Cart buttons and any access to checkout pages, by hiding product prices and replacing it with customizable buttons, text labels and inquiry forms Hide woof top panel buttons: Red buttons on the top (filter navigation) of the shop page when searching is done Lets checked terms will be on the top : Selected terms will always be displayed on the top (for parent-terms only, child will be on the top but under parent-term as it was

After that, your ruleset that will hide other shipping methods when the free shipping method is available will be configured correctly. There's only one thing left to do to activate it in your WooCommerce store. Go back to the Conditional Shipping Methods menu, and check the Turn on/off conditional displaying or hiding the shipping method checkbox The SUMO WooCommerce Donations is quite comprehensive and works with any WooCommerce-compatible theme (like the free Modern Store theme). With this plugin, you can add donation forms product pages, the cart, checkout, and any post or page using a shortcode.There's even an exit-intent popup available to ask visitors to donate before they leave Shop - MagniGenie. WooCommerce Sticky Add To Cart Pro. 346 Sales. $18.00. Read More. WooCommerce MailChimp Discount - Extra Fields AddOn. 100 Sales. $11.99 That is the most correct method on how to fully disable purchase functionality website wide and removing any add to cart button from any page. Any theme, script or plugin that uses the purchase functionality of WooCommerce, directly or indirectly, will stop working. Hide add to cart button from shop page/archive while keeping purchase functionalit

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WooCommerce Direct Checkout Review: The Feature List. WooCommerce Direct Checkout helps you modify your store's checkout in broad ways. You can adjust the checkout behavior for three different areas: On your single product pages, you can add a dedicated Buy Now button that takes shoppers straight to checkout WooCommerce User Role plugins are widely used by shop owners to display different prices for users with different user roles, hide price for guests, hide product purchase option for particular user roles, etc. In this article, we have listed the Top 7 Best WooCommerce User Role Pricing Plugins which are as follows, 1. WC Role Based Price 2. Price based on User Role for WooCommerce 3. YITH. In fact, this line actually simply removes the related products ' action ' from being run on the page all together. If for some reason this does not work for you and the theme you're using you can try the second (alternative) method provided! Give us a call at 800.580.4985, or open a chat or ticket with us to speak with one of our knowledgeable. Advanced Store Pages have unique mobile colors for item titles, prices, and sale prices. Products display in two or more columns. Visit Version 7.0 advanced mobile styles to learn about your template's other mobile options Step 1: Removing the WooCommerce Plugin. If you want to understand how to reinstall WooCommerce, the prerequisite is to delete the WooCommerce plugin completely. The first step of the uninstallation process is to get rid of the WooCommerce plugin. Here are the common suggestions: First, hover WordPress Dashboard. Press the Plugins button

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  1. In this post, we will talk about how to build an e-commerce store site with WooCommerce. We'll discuss how to install and set up the plugin, create WooCommerce products, build a shop and other important pages, as well as how to manage your WooCommerce store
  2. Download Hide Price & Add to Cart Button 1.2.2 v1.2.2 from nulled fire. Hide product price and add to cart button on shop and product pages
  3. WooCommerce Single Product Page Customizer allows you to add fields of custom text or HTML in your product template and choose where on the page to display them. For instance, you can add information such as a clothing size guide, shipping information, or a link to your shop's return policy
  4. Best Selling. WooCommerce Theme Ever. Flatsome is the most used and trusted theme for any kind of WooCommerce Project. We always support latest WooCommerce versions so Flatsome is the safest theme for your project
  5. How Show Single Variations works. WooCommerce Show Single Variations allows you to show variations on your WooCommerce shop page, category pages, search and filter results pages.. These variations are displayed as if they were 'simple' products, but link through to the parent variable product page with the options pre-selected.The screenshot below demonstrates this (variations have been.
WooCommerce Hidden Store: 2 Ways to Hide a WooCommerce주식 빼고 다 잘한다는 주갤 – BJ Panel SteelWooCommerce Grocery Store WordPress Theme - MotoPress