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According to StatCounter Globalstats Linux finished 2020 with a 1.93% market share. According to their latest data, Linux inched up to 1.97% by the end of the 1st quarter of this year. That's roughly a 2% increase. Not too bad for a quarter, I'd say The global linux operating system market size stood at USD 3.89 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 15.64 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 19.2% during the forecast period. The linux operating system (OS) market growth is primarily driven by growing internet penetration rate and the rising number of data centers and servers worldwide Windows and macOS are in first and second position in the overall market share with 86.6% and 9.2% followed by Linux at position three with 3.61% How about we start off with some key facts about Linux: Linux was launched on September 17, 1991, and it is 27 years old today. Linux is the OS of 1.93% of all desktop operating systems worldwide. In 2018, the market share of Linux in India was 3.97%. In 2021, Linux ran on 100% of the world's 500 supercomputers

Percentage Market Share: Operating System Market Share Worldwide - June 2021; Android:. Prior to 2006, Novell claimed a market share of 85% or more. Red Hat has since claimed 18.4% in 2007 and 37% in 2008. Gartner reported at the end of 2008 that Novell had an 80% share of mainframe Linux. Declin This report lists the market share of the top operating systems in use, like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Market Share Statistics for Internet Technologies Logi The current Linux desktop market share is between 1.74 - 2.18%, according to the usage share of operating systems. (Source: W3Cook) In April 2019, Linux's desktop market share was estimated to be 1.63% Let's now take a look at the 10 top Linux distributions with the highest ranking as per Distrowatch, in descending order, as of May 18, 2021. 10. Deepin. Deepin (formerly known as Deepin, Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) is a Linux desktop-oriented operating system derived from Debian, supporting laptop

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Percentage Market Share: Desktop Operating System Market Share Worldwide - June 2021; Windows:. The diagram shows the percentage of websites using Linux as operating system. How to read the diagram: Unix is used by 76.2% of all the websites. Linux is used by 41.7% of all the websites Devuan GNU+Linux (9.13 average, 203 ratings) Puppy Linux (9.08 average, 144 ratings) Peppermint OS (9.07 average, 200 ratings) The Top 5 from the Last Half of 2020 . For the last six months of 2020, the Top 5 distributions as ranked by average hits per day are: MX Linux; Manjaro; Mint; Pop! OS; Ubuntu; Our Approac

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The Linux market share still appears to be rising By Liam Dawe - 2 June 2020 at 5:36 pm UTC | Views: 30,563 Looking at multiple places, it appears like the Linux desktop has been on something of a roll lately with the market share starting to trend upwards It quickly became the most popular Linux distribution, with some estimates putting its market share to as much as 80% of all Linux installations in 1995 Many people take as a given that the desktop computer market is ossified and completely dominated by Microsoft. But, taking the global view, the PC market is anything but saturated. Some huge, untapped markets will ultimately decide how the market share pie will ultimately be divided. There will be room for Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, [ Market Share Statistics for Internet Technologies Login. Error No data entity specified for repor

If anything, the Linux desktop market share has continued to increase and is probably currently at 8-10% and rising. Dell and the other PC OEMs wouldn't have invested in selling Linux pre-installed if it appealed only to less than 1% of the desktop market Linux now accounts for 3.17% of all desktop operating systems, up from 2.87% last month. Linux's share of all desktop OSes grew from a new-high of 2.87 percent in April 2020 to an even higher high of 3.17 percent in May 2020. Now, this is relatively unusual. Linux marketshare — based on past trends — typically hovers below the 2 percent. SUSE Linux market share is 0.28% with more than 3929 companies using this software The 746944 should reflect the aggregated number of contacts in companies that are using this technology Find Contact In this episode of the podcast series, I am joined by Matt from Librequest Podcast, a fellow content creator that primarily interviews other members of the o..

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Linux market share on Steam has never managed to crush the illusive 1% barrier. It was as close as it has ever been at 0.94% in September 2020. It has since remained steady at around 0.9% with a dip down to 0.78% in December 2020 and another dip to 0.81% in February 2021. A breakdown of Steams 0.85% GNU/Linux market share number for March 2021. Linux Desktop Market Share Nearly Halved During September 2020. Operating system statistics from NetMarketShare has GNU/Linux market share tumbling from 3.57% in July to 2.69% in August to 1.47% in September 2020. Meanwhile, the Steam Hardware Survey shows a modest +0.05% increase in September

The share of Linux desktops monitored by the firm's technology has grown consistently and continually for several months. The figures for June 2020 don't prove the exception with Linux rising from 3.17 percent in May 2020 to 3.61 percent in June 2020: Linux marketshare from the past 12 months Market Share. 1.08%. ABOUT RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is released in server versions for x86, x86-64, Itanium, PowerPC and IBM System z, and desktop versions for x86 and x86-64 One highly controversial subject is the market share of GNU/Linux on the desktop. Fedora claims over 20 million installations and figures belittling GNU/Linux on the desktop usually turn out to be fundamentally biased (by design), Microsoft-funded, population-leaning, and contradicted by simple facts and observations. This page presents a summary on posts on the subject Q: What's the true market share of Linux? A: Depends who you ask! Some reports say Linux has broken 1% desktop market share, while other findings put it up to 4%. Meanwhile, of course, server adoption is 46% or more. Read all about it GNU/Linux Market Share is Surging, Up More Than 50% This Year (Based on One Firm That Tracks Such Numbers) According to StatCounter, which mostly counts people who are easy to spy on, almost 3% of observed laptop/desktop users are on GNU/Linux 'proper' (not counting the most widely used operating system, Android, which is Linux-powered

This attitude that Linux should be made for advanced users is not only damning, it is one that prevents the platform from gaining market share. A possible new user comes to such a forum, is met. According to a Fortune Business Insights report, the Linux market is expected to see a whopping 19.2% growth by 2027. The market size is expected to reach $15.64 billion by the end of 2027. In the 1990s, Microsoft Windows had a majority of the desktop OS market. Linux soon became a contender, but it's become a hard battle for the operating system. Open-source is slowly gaining popularity. Linux was thought to be a hacker's operating system, and it was thought of as an operating system that was too difficult for the average user

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  1. Linux is used by 41.7% of all the websites whose operating system we know. Linux. 41.7%. Windows. 24.0%. W3Techs.com, 13 July 2021. Percentages of websites using various operating systems
  2. Linux Takes Lead in IoT Market Keeping 80% Market Share. As new technology which includes the Folk Fest Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud have spread, open supply operating gadget (OS) Linux is destroying the stronghold of Microsoft OS Windows.. According to Korea IDC on July three, Linux had the maximum share of the X86 server.
  3. In the most recent IDC Worldwide Operating Systems and Subsystems Market Shares report covering 2017, Linux had 68% of the market. Its share has only increased since then. It was only a matter of.
  4. It quickly became the most popular Linux distribution, with some estimates putting its market share to as much as 80% of all Linux installations in 1995. Its popularity decreased dramatically with the arrival of Red Hat Linux and other, more user-friendly distributions, but Slackware Linux still remains a much-appreciated operating system among the more technically-oriented system.
  5. Linux desktop market share: Small no matter how you measure Counting desktops isn't easy, but use common sense and good numbers. It doesn't give me any pleasure in saying this, but the evidence is.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Market Share and Competitors in Operating Systems. We use the best indexing techniques combined with advanced data science to monitor the market share of over 12,500 technology products, including Operating Systems The Linux Software Market report includes an in-depth analysis of the global Linux Software market for the present as well as forecast period. The report encompasses the competition landscape entailing share analysis of the key players in the Linux Software market based on their revenues and other significant factors Linux market share rises from 3.61% (June) to 4.75% (July), Source: netmarketshare.com. I recall speculation that this was a result of workstation Windows desktops used less during COVID; it's an easy time in the world right now for data anomalies. EDIT: Didn't expect so many comments and I admit I was echoing prior speculation I heard, not. Cloud Market Share - a Look at the Cloud Ecosystem in 2021. Edward Jones , May 11, 2021. Cloud computing has grown into a vast and complex ecosystem of technologies, products, and services. Giving rise to a multi-billion dollar economy where many cloud providers compete for an ever-expanding cloud market share. Try a free demo

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Press release - Market Research Intellect - Linux Software Market Share, By Product Analysis, Application, End-Use, Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies & Forecast Up To 2027 - published on. Linux Software Market Share, Growth, Trend Analysis And Forecast From 2020-2026; Consumption Capacity By Volume And Production Value The Global Linux Software Market report provides information by Top Players, Geography, End users, Applications, Competitor analysis, Sales, Revenue, Price, Gross Margin, Market Share, Import-Export, Trends, and Forecast Linux's distribution Ubuntu market share also climbed to 2.11% in May 2020 from 1.89% in April 2020. Last month, macOS fell slightly to 9.68% and Chrome OS market share is still 0.40% The Linux Software market report is an output of the deep analysis of the global Linux Software market. It also covers discussion with numerous key Linux Software industry participants making the report rich source of information. The report emphasizes outstanding players in the global Linux Software market along with their shares in the market Market share held by server vendors in EMEA countries 2009-2018 Companies which purchased cloud services from dedicated servers Spain 2013-2016 Top states by telecom equipment spending in U.S. 201

Linux market share won't grow until Suse / RedHat / Canonical wants. hardware. Look to ChromeOS, it is a terrible OS and is getting more big each day due to selling by Google and marketing. Linux need to Suse / RedHat / Canonical selling preinstalleds Dekstops/laptops/phone like Google & Apple. 38 comments PC market share. BusinessWeek identified Linux OS as soon to have a 3.2 percent market share of PCs sold. IDCis Al Gillen, research director for systems software, explained to The Mac Observer.

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  1. GizmoChicken concludes that a market share of about 1% for Chromebooks, combined with a market share of about 1% (as cited by others) for traditional GNU/Linux, gets you to the about 2% market share for Linux recited on the netmarketshare.com website. And unfortunately for traditional GNU/Linux, most of the month-to-month growth probably.
  2. Android is the most popular of all Linux distributions. Period. End of statement. But that's not the entire story. Still it must be said, according to StatCounter, Android is the most popular of.
  3. Linux Operating System Market Report Focuses on the key global Linux Operating System manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans in forecast period.Linux Operating System Market Report organizes across the globe into distinct portion based on industry standards

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However I want Linux to thrive and one perceived guarantee of longevity is market share. Currently Linux has a global market share of 2.8 percent on the desktop. It has a global market share on the server of 28.3%. While the server market is a stronghold for Linux, at first glance the desktop figure seems pretty poor New Jersey, USA, - Market Research Intellect latest study, titled 'Global MS Office Alternative Software for Linux Market,' sheds light on the crucial aspects of the global MS Office Alternative Software for Linux market. The MS Office Alternative Software for Linux report aims to help readers accurately estimate the global market growth rate over the forecast period (2021-2028) Optimized for Oracle's database services, Oracle Linux is a heavy contender in the enterprise Linux market. If you run Oracle databases and want to run them on Linux, you know the drill: Call Oracle.the price of Red Hat's equivalent model. The latest release of Oracle Linux, version 7.4, arrived in late July 2017 and is based on RHEL 7.4 As for the market share of PCs using either Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems in 2003, those numbers are collected by another research team at IDC and will be released later this year. A.

Embedded Linux Market: Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2025. Embedded Linux research study is to define market sizes of various segments & countries by past years and to forecast the values by next 5 years. The report is assembled to comprise each qualitative and quantitative elements of the industry facts including: market share, market. Market share, market share, what's Linux's true market share? That, in essence, has been the question du jour on the Linux blogs in recent days. It all started when NetApplications' Hitslink.com released some statistics for April indicating that Linux just passed 1 percent for the first time. Around the same time, however, W3Counter published figures for the same month indicating that it had.

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  1. To wit: Using figures from StatCounter Global Stats, Linux Market share in July 2011 was 0.79 percent and for December 2011 it was 0.83 percent, noted Roberto Lim, a lawyer and blogger on Mobile Raptor. The Net Applications statistics, on the other hand, show a steady gain, he added
  2. Linux Computer Market Research, Size, Share Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application to 2026 Posted on December 28, 2020 by mangesh Latest report on Linux Computer Market - Strategic recommendations, Trends, Segmentation, Use case Analysis, Competitive Intelligence, Global and Regional Forecast to 2026 published by In4Research specifies all aspects of the global Linux.
  3. To understand the structure of Linux Operating System market by identifying its various subsegments. Focuses on the key global Linux Operating System manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans in next few years
  4. Linux market share will break 5%. Another crazy notion is that the Linux market share will finally breach the 5% mark. It may not sound like much, but within the realm of Linux,.
  5. Usage of Linux on Microsoft Azure has grown exponentially over the past few years, and finally, it has managed to beat the usage share of Windows Server on the Cloud platform. Microsoft Linux developer confirmed saying, The Linux usage on our cloud has surpassed Windows[Server]. This didn't happen overnight. One in four [Azure] instances are [
  6. Embedded Linux Market analysis report crucial criterions like market size, growth development speed, restraints, driving forces, the reach of market, present and future marketplace inclinations, earnings forecast gauge and intriguing chances from 2021 to 2027. The segmentation of all Embedded Linux market contains involves end-client programs, types of goods, geographical areas and key players.

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Linux Operating System Market 2019 Size, Share, Demand, Growth, Trends and Outlook Market Highlights The nature of Linux OS as an open source operating system is likely to be a major driver for the global Linux operating system market over the forecast period Linux machines run up the bulk of the remaining machines, with Red Hat Enterprise Linux at 1.2% and all other Linux varieties coming in at a cumulative 10.5% of server OS market share. This is what I long suspected and it gives a very distorted view of the IT world on SW Linux is an especially favorable choice for those considering to use PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, or MySQL. While Windows solutions are often subject to charges, Linux offers numerous open source applications for hosting, including: ready-to-use homepage solutions, applications (e.g. blogs), content management systems, and discussion forums Unit 4 Discussion: Linux File Sharing Services - A Comparison There are occasions where we need to share information between different clients who are running different operating systems on their computers. Which File Sharing service should be the best software to use on our Linux network? Should we use NFS CIFS SMB or some other software application on our Linux servers? The.

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Linux gaming started largely as an extension of the already present Unix gaming scene, with both systems sharing many similar titles. These games were either mostly original or clones of arcade games and text adventures. A notable example of this was the so-called BSD Games, a collection of interactive fiction and other text-mode titles Linux Operating System Market 2021 Top Manufacturers, Industry Share, Regional Investments and Future Trends by 2027 Ruby Arterburn May 3, 2021 0 1 2 minutes rea

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Linux Desktop Market Share: Greater Than One Percent? Linux now accounts for 1.02% of computers. Depending on how you see things, this percentage is cause for cautious celebration, or complete dismissal of the system's prospects. Linux comes from dozens of community projects and vendors, instead of a single corporation, and because you don. I'm not a classic enterprise user per se, I'm a computer hardware design engineer. ASIC, FPGAs, chips - those little black things on computer boards ;) Most of our machines are linux (for design and engineering work anyway). Windows has been a t.. Home > Linux > Top 20 Countries by Linux Market Share. Top 20 Countries by Linux Market Share Submitted by Peter Alguacil 2011-05-16 Linux 15 Comments. Linux currently powers a majority of the world's web servers and supercomputers. As a desktop OS, however, Linux has yet to gain mainstream acceptance. That.

Statistics show that the market share of the Linux operating system has increased from the previous 1.36% to 2.87%, with a single month increase of more than 110%.. Although this is very low compared to the market share of up to 86% of the Windows system, for the Linux market share, this is already a very good result Market Share Analysis: Server Operating Systems, Worldwide, 2015. Published: 20 May 2016 ID: G00294942 Analyst(s): Matthew Cheung Summary Continual Unix-to-Linux migration and the upcoming Windows Server 2016 resulted in a mild negative decline of the server OS market at 2.0%

Linux Desktop Market Share Trends Here are data from various sources about Linux's market share on the desktop over time, as of Sept 2008. hitslink.com Hitslink.com has a report of market share over time based on 160 million visitors per month to a pool of web sites. It says TECH SUPPLIER Jul 2020 - Market Share - Doc # US46684720 . Worldwide Server Operating Environments Market Shares, 2019: Overall Server Operating Environment Market Grows During the Year, Led by Linux-Based Shipments and Deployment According to Korea IDC on July 3, Linux had the most share in the X86 server market with 50.4 percent for the first time last year, surpassing Windows with a 49.4 percent share. It means Linux has shown a strong presence in the x86 server OS market, a core server in cloud computing, as well. In particular, Linux wields a strong influence in the. Swarm market share was 5% of the Container Platform market in 2019. Also known as Docker Swarm, this is another open-source Container Platform. It has similar functionality to Kubernetes, but comes with its advantages, like higher scalability. Mesos market share was 4% of the Container Platform market in 2019

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  1. Linux is showing no real sings of market growth from 2011 to 2012. Instead, you can see a small decline here too. What I really feel is that Linux is actually experiencing a small market decline at a time that our market share should be steadily increasing
  2. Press Release Global Linux Operating System Market Size, Share, Value, And Competitive Landscape 2021-2026 Published: April 29, 2021 at 11:24 a.m. E
  3. The global Linux operating system market is expected to exhibit a solid 18.5% CAGR over the forecast period from 2018 to 2023, according to the latest research report from Market Research Future.

Linux Operating System Market 2019: Industry Size, Trends, Share and Top Compani The Global Linux Operating System Industry Report 2019 is a professional and in-depth study on the current. Market Share Analysis: Server Operating Systems, Worldwide, 2016. Published: 26 May 2017 ID: G00318388 Analyst(s): Matthew Cheung Summary Growth in the server operating system market was flat at 0.7% in 2016 Global Linux Software Market Size, Share, Development Trend, Demand in Industry Growth Drivers and Challenges 2021-2026 Admin Date: 2021-06-10 Technology Product ID: 3420126 The report on the Linux Software market provides a market analysis complete with a quantitative and qualitative assessment Market shares: According to StatCounter, global fac t in January 2020 windows enjoys 79.1 % of desktop operating system market share. Mac savors 14.37% and Linux stands at 3.31%.this may encourage highly motivated professionals to certify in ms 20740 installation storage and compute with windows server 2016. it is also stated that nearly 80% of.

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Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for desktop computers worldwide, controlling slightly less than 77 percent of the desktop OS market share Options. - Linux on z10. - Linux HP integrity servers. - Linux on AS/400 servers locate. - Linux on DELL Xeon. CORRECT ANSWER : Linux on z10. Discussion Board. Explanation-. Linux on z10 has greater market share of Linux SW/HW environment I'm not surprised at all. Linux runs on tiny phone to large server systems. According to IDC researchers (prediction) - spending on the Linux ecosystem will rise from $21 billion in 2007 to more than $49 billion in 2011, driven by rising enterprise deployments of Linux server operating systems. Linux server deployments are expanding from [ The market share of OS X increased an appreciable 4.94 percent point, from 14.05% in April 2019 to 18.99% in April 2020. Meanwhile, Linux OS remained the third widely used desktop operating system globally. The Linux desktop market share stood at 1.61% as of April 2020, as against 1.63% in April 2019 and 1.71% in March 2020

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Report Description The Global Embedded Linux Market report studies the current state of the market to analyze the future opportunities and risks. It consists of the detailed study of current market trends along with the past statistics. Various important factors such as market trends, revenue growth patterns market shares and demand and supply are included in almost all the market research. The North America embedded software market size held over 45% market revenue share in 2020 and is anticipated to see 8% growth during 2021 to 2027. Rising spending by U.S. federal government on the development of militarized drones to strengthen its military and defense forces is boosting the regional market share Linux adoption is the adoption of Linux computer operating systems (OS) by households, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governments.. Many factors have resulted in the expanded use of Linux systems by traditional desktop users as well as operators of server systems, including the desire to minimize software costs, increase network security and support for open-source philosophical.

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Automotive Operating Systems Market Size By Type (Android, Linux, QNX, Windows Embedded Automotive 7), By Vehicle Type (Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Growth Potential, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2020 - 202 The research report based on the Global Linux Software Market is a compilation of the detailed analysis of all the aspects that are considered being crucial for the study of every industry. The research report holds all the information regarding factors like growth strategy, production, revenue, sales, investments, technological innovations, potential customer base, climate, etc The contest has historically been between macOS, Linux, and, more recently, Chrome OS. Macs have held second place in global market share for quite a while. However,.

Linux market share set to surpass Win 98, OS X still ahead of Vista Linux market share is growing, and with new preinstallation offerings from key Ryan Paul - Sep 4, 2007 1:20 am UT Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server. Linux growth in the U.S. x86 server market has, over the past six quarters, started to falter and reverse its positive course relative to Windows.

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IoT Operating System Linux Takes Lead in IoT Market Keeping 80% Market Share. S new technology inclusive of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud has to unfold, open-source working gadget (OS) Linux is destroying the stronghold of Microsoft OS Windows.. According to Korea IDC on July 3, Linux had the most percentage of the X86. Red Hat remains the leading Linux distribution in use on the Internet, experiencing slight market share erosion in the first six months of 2004, but still showing a healthy net gain of sites under its new licensing structure. Debian and SuSE show market share gains among Linux distributions detected by our Hosting Provider Switching Analysis, while Gentoo has the fastest percentage growth rate Global Web Hosting Companies Market Share 2021, based on millions of websites in more than 200 countrie LXer: The Linux market share still appears to be rising Published at LXer: Looking at multiple places, it appears like the Linux desktop has been on something of a roll lately with the market share starting to trend upwards

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  1. g in at 0.83%. It's still below the 1% threshold that Steam on Linux has been battling for a while, but at least one of the better numbers
  2. Apple, with continued success of its iPhone 12 series, lost some share from their very strong holiday quarter but still shipped an impressive 55.2 million iPhones grabbing 16.0% share. While Huawei continues its decline in the smartphone market, we've also learned that LG is exiting the market altogether, said Ryan Reith , program vice president with IDC's Worldwide Mobile Device Trackers
  3. ation, Will 'Wear Them Down' Windows Desktop Market Share Drops Below 90% A Windows 10 Alternative: Ubuntu-Based Zorin OS Linux Distr
  4. Well, it seems like either: 1) Chrome has a market share less than FreeBSD, and so is not mentioned 2) Chrome is not considered a desktop/laptop OS, or 3) The Linux numbers include Chrome. Option (3) seems the most likely, and I have to agree that it's driven by schools
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Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software our customers are using. Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous. The information gathered is incredibly helpful to us as we make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer Linux grows UK PC market share The open source OS carving out a small, but rapidly growing, share of domestic market, new research has shown. by: Miya Knights. 1 Aug 2008 OS Platform Statistics. OS Platform. Statistics. Statistics are important information. From the statistics below (collected from W3Schools' log-files since 2003), you can read the long term trends of operating system usage

Market Share Estimates Confirm That Vista 10 Failed in a Major Way. Confirmatory evidence that Vista 10 is failing in the market about a month after its much-hyped (paid coverage) Kernel: linux 4.1.6-1.g9dbe563-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 17 14:43:25 UTC 2015. 2.1.2 Global Linux Software Market Type and Applications 2.1.3 Linux Software Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share and SWOT analysis (2019-2020) 3 Global Linux Software Market Competition, by Manufacturer 4 Global Linux Software Market Analysis by Regions including their countries 5 [Region] 6 Product Type- [Type] 7 Application. According to Net Applications' Netmarketshare, the Linux market share on the desktop as judged by browser interactions may now be above 3%. The company is reporting a 3.37% Linux marketshare for August 2017, a rise from 2.53% a month prior and the first time they have reported the Linux desktop marketshare above 3% To wit: Using figures from StatCounter Global Stats, Linux Market share in July 2011 was 0.79 percent and for December 2011 it was 0.83 percent, noted Roberto Lim, a lawyer and blogger on Mobile.